November 14, 2023

The Meco - Issue #6

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Hotfire! NASA tests 3D-printed RAMFIRE rocket engine nozzle

NASA's Cutting-Edge Rocket Nozzle

In a groundbreaking development, NASA's innovative RAMFIRE nozzle has successfully undergone a hot fire test, paving the way for future deep space missions.

This nozzle represents a leap forward in rocket engineering, offering enhanced capabilities for challenging space endeavors​.

...and RS-25 Engine Test

Additionally, NASA's newly redesigned RS-25 engine, crucial for future flights of the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, has undergone its first hot fire test of the year.

Conducted at the Stennis Space Center, this test marks a critical step in ensuring the reliability and performance of the SLS rocket for future missions​.
NASA Conducts First 2023 Test of Redesigned Moon Rocket Engine

iRocket's Leap in Reusable Rocket Technology

iRocket conducted a test of its booster rocket engine under a 2020 Air Force contract
iRocket has achieved a significant milestone with the support of the U.S. Space Force, receiving a $1.8 million funding boost.

This investment is earmarked for developing a reusable rocket engine, a vital component of the Shockwave launch vehicle designed for frequent reuse.
This initiative represents a significant advancement in sustainable space technology and underscores the growing importance of reusable rocketry in the aerospace industry.

The project, funded through AFWERX, the innovation arm of the Department of the Air Force, highlights iRocket's commitment to revolutionizing rocket technology​.
Prometheus to power future launchers

Prometheus Engine: Pioneering Affordable European Rocketry

The Prometheus engine project is setting new standards in European rocketry, focusing on affordability and reusability.

Recent tests have seen this project achieve full ignition and a 30-second burn with re-ignition in an early prototype. This progress signals a significant step forward in reducing the costs of rocket launches, paving the way for a more economical approach to space exploration.

The success of the Prometheus engine is a beacon of innovation in the field of rocket engineering, demonstrating the feasibility of cost-effective, reusable rocket technology​​​.
Interactive mission control room scene from MECO Rocket Simulator game with operators at workstations and holographic Earth display

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Meco Rocket Simulator: A Revolutionary Tool for Rocket Enthusiasts

The Meco Rocket Simulator continues to excite the aerospace community with its innovative approach to rocket engine simulation. This gamified engineering tool allows users to design and test rocket engines hands-on, with accuracy validated against real-life rocket engines.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the simulator offers a blazingly fast complete engine simulation that runs in real-time on current-generation PCs. It simplifies the complex world of rocket engineering, allowing users to see the outcomes of their design choices instantly.

With campaigns based on real-life events, users can experience the development of historic rocket engines like the Redstone-Mercury and Saturn V, bringing a unique interactive dimension to rocket engine design and education.
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