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February 2, 2023

Issue #3

Dear Rocket Engine Aficionado,

Can it be a coincidence? Is the essence of this community captured by its most-liked tweets?

Most Liked Tweets of 2022

A dash of rocket science and an ode to individuals of the community are tied at #2. And the top spot goes to the thrill of engine test and development.
Vulcain turbopump with diagram illustrating stator and rotor configuration



A glimpse into the fascinating world of turbines that power rocket engine turbopumps

The Vulcain engine employs supersonic impulse turbines.

We see how gas is accelerated through a stator (nozzle) and deflects as it passes through the rotor, thus providing power.

The other image shows the fascinating phenomena of supersonic shockwaves induced by the stator.


49 Likes (Tie with #3)

Simpler times when everyone could fit into an image

Profile pic snapshot of ALL people following this account as of 14 Dec 2022. ❤️

Can you spot yourself in it?
Composite image of 1200 Meco Rocket Simulator Twitter follower profile pictures as of Dec 12 2022
Test fire of an early Merlin 1A engine by SpaceX back in 2006-2007



On the very last day of the year - SpaceX Nostalgia

This is a test fire of an early Merlin 1A engine by SpaceX. It is ablatively cooled and launched the first 2 flights of Falcon 1 back in 2006-2007.

The 1st flight failed after 33 seconds, and the 2nd reached an altitude of 289 km but failed to reach orbit.

Getting Kickstarted

Thanks for the kick!

I never thought anyone would want to back Meco Rocket Simulator on Kickstarter. Until that fateful day, I ran a poll, and 84% of respondents selected Kickstarter+Sales to continue funding development.

Since then, I have devoted considerable time to ensuring that Meco’s Kickstarter will not disappoint - and it’s almost ready! Exciting things are happening, so stay tuned in the coming weeks!

Stay regeneratively cool - yours truly,

(P.S. You can sneak a peek at what the Kickstarter Campaign offers here. Let me hear your thoughts!)
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