The Meco Newsletter

February 21, 2023

Issue #4

A Kickstarter Special
Dear Rocket Engine Connoisseur,

Thank you for being on this journey with me. In this issue, we will cover Kickstarter success, humor that sells, and finding a commercial groove for Meco's development.

Meco Rocket Simulator Kickstarter has been funded!

A Feather In The Cap

Meco's first Kickstarter is funded! There are still stretched goals for the remaining 17 days, so fingers crossed!

For the humble funding goal of £7,000, I am now committed to delivering introductory rocket engine design tutorials. Given that ~63.5% of Kickstarters fail to reach their funding goal, this is a nice feather in the cap for Meco.

The Italian Connection

While running the campaign, I noticed an unusually high proportion of people from Italy signing up.

Odd comments like "Is Stica next?" and "Mecojoni!" started appearing on Facebook and Instagram.

A quick search revealed their meaning. "Me conjoni!" is a Roman way to express amazement and roughly translates to "I get balls!".

Similarly vulgar, "Sti cazzi!" means "F__k me!" which, like in English, can be an exclamation or an expression of indifference.

Humor sells, it seems!

A Meco Rocket Simulator Facebook ad with Biagio asking "Will you release Stica soon?"

State of The Sim

Most of the work over the past couple of months has been to find a market fit for Meco.

Why is market fit essential? I want Meco's development to be sustainable. The internet is littered with bodies of dead software that ran out of budget for further development, and God forbid that Meco becomes one of them.

At the risk of premature celebration, I am pleased to say that after looking at the data from the advertising campaigns, I'm 80% confident that Meco can sustain a smartly put-together remote development team.

Some early steps have already been made! The incorporation of Loren Aerospace Ltd and the following registration with the tax authorities to start employing staff.

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