Meco Rocket Simulator


  • Stand on the shoulders of giants.
  • Key equations used for simulation are found in well-cited papers or textbooks.
  • Evidence-based decision-making.
  • Passion is valued much greater than all.
  • The community is a stakeholder:
    • Internet (Amateur) rocket scientistsĀ 
    • Gamer fans of rocket science and spaceflight
    • Academics and Professionals in related fields
Sustainable Development

Open Source Pledge

Each major version of Meco will be open-sourced at the end-of-life of that version.

The motivation for this practice of releasing the source code when the software reaches the commercial end-of-life is to prevent the software from becoming unsupported abandonware or even getting lost due to digital obsolescence. This gives the user communities the chance to continue development and support of the software product themselves as an open-source software project.

Meanwhile the most current major version will fund continued development.

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