State of the Impending (v0.1) Sim Part II (Year 3 Month 6)

Great news! We’ve made some exciting updates to Meco. Let me give you a summary of the new features and improvements:

Electron UI

  • Improved Clarity and Semantics:
    Fixed some property names in the code to make them clearer and more meaningful.
  • Importing Models:
  • Added support for exporting and importing models from JSON files to enable users to share model files.
  • User Interface Enhancements:
  • Improved the UI layout and fixed minor issues to enhance the user experience.
  • Editing Capabilities:
    Extended the editing functionality for various components, such as turbine stator throat pitch and nozzle pitch, allowing users to fine-tune their designs.
  • Performance and Refactoring:
    Refactored the codebase to improve performance and maintainability, removing unused imports and variables.
  • Bug Fixes:
    Fixed several issues, including component port names, variable names, and incorrect property assignments.
  • Styling and UI Improvements:
    Enhanced the styling of certain elements, fixed typos, and improved the overall visual appeal of the application.
  • Simulation and Charting:
    Added simulation control features, allowing users to play, pause, and restart simulations. Additionally, we implemented charting enhancements to display simulation progress and support renaming.
  • Gear and Transmission:
    Added validation to the SimulateControl function to ensure that connected gears have equal module values, preventing simulation errors.

C++ Simulation Kernel

  • Pump Turbine Test:
    The pump_turbine_test.json file was updated with new values to enhance performance and accuracy. Parameters and dimensions were modified to improve the model.
  • Machinery Refactoring:
    Several files related to machinery were refactored to ensure consistency and immutability.
  • Turbine Constraints:
    The turbine_constraint.cpp file was updated to support rotor height, blade width, and stator pitch calculations. These enhancements improve turbine modeling capabilities.
  • Thrust Chamber Constraint:
    The ThrustChamberConstraint class was implemented, providing calculations for various properties of a thrust chamber.
  • Geometry Helper Functions:
    For vector and matrix operations. These functions assist in performing calculations related to geometry in the simulation.
  • Variable and Name Updates:
    Variable names and references were improved for better semantics and clarity. Inconsistent and ambiguous variable names were modified to enhance code readability.
  • Bug Fixes:
    Several bug fixes were made, including uninitialized variables, incorrect variable names, and missing line breaks. These fixes contribute to the stability and correctness of the project.
  • Gear and Transmission Components:
    Gears are defined by their number of teeth, face width, module, and density. They can be connected to shafts to form transmission systems. These updates enable construction of transmission systems with gears and shafts, providing more flexibility in modeling various mechanical systems. Incorporating these components into the model makes it easier to simulate and analyze the behavior of interconnected mechanical parts, such as gears transmitting power between different components.

These updates introduce new features, enhance performance and accuracy, improve code organization, and fix issues to create a more robust and user-friendly simulation environment.

Timeline Update

The amount of work to give Turbine and Thrust Chamber constraints a UI exceeded expectations. There is also more UI work projected to display the post-simulation run summary.

We want to run a closed beta for a week or two before to improve the user experience for the inaugural Early Access release on Steam.

I am optimistic that the closed beta (Linux first, then Windows and MacOS) can be started this month.

Thank You

This project will not be possible without your support, so strap in and brace for launch – We are in this for the long run.


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