State of The Impending v0.1 Sim

Dear Fans,

At this point, I am apprehensive about giving you another date for the release as my never-ending optimism is at odds with estimating how fast work can be done.

That said, the light at the end of the tunnel is visible! So we are looking at days or weeks instead of months. I am pleased to say that Meco’s UI is coming along well. For some reason, I made it a responsive UI, meaning the UI should work fine on a 4k Monitor down to an iPad and even on a 5-inch Android phone! But hold your horses; unless there is enough demand, we’ll stick to PCs for now. 

For today’s update, I have used ChatGPT to summarize my code commits to Meco’s git repository. I understand it’s still quite verbose. However, I have a hunch that you can appreciate the work going on with all the details.

Once again, thank you for believing in this project, and stay cyro-cool.


Sneak Peek

Summary development work since April 17th, 2023

– Commit 0a22f9d: Added minWidth style to EditNumberUnit component to prevent overflow and improve the layout. Also made changes to Simulate.tsx.

– Commit 7777146: Added simulation-related actions to control simulation state and max time and updated simulation state and time in the store in modelSlice.ts.

– Commit 60ff923: Added config.libsonnet to library.jsonnet to allow for configurable maxSimulationTime. Also made some refactoring changes.

– Commit d2617aa: Added SimData module to handle simulation data types and units in simulate.

– Commit ffde865: Made various style changes to improve UI layout in different components.

– Commit ee21ee3: Made style changes to FlowNetwork.tsx and MenuNode.tsx components. Also added Valve Position option to Add to Selected Chart menu.

– Commit 7ca529c: Made refactor changes in App.tsx and added lodash dependency. Also generated random data for charts and made various styling improvements.

– Commit fb02504: Made refactor changes in ChartCard.tsx and added simulation control buttons and progress bar to the simulation toolbar.

– Commit b068239: Fixed a bug in simulate and changed modelSlice.

– Commit f596bae: Made various improvements related to node selection, connection, and scaling of charts.

– Commit 6a17616: Introduced react-use hooks library and changed charts’ min width and height, node menu, and chart selection.

– Commit 5295933: An updated model to contain responsive chart layouts, added chart button, and improved chart opacity transition.

– Commit 9738193: Added various changes related to logging, testing, NAPI, and CMake.

– Commit a8b0ee2: Added victory chart.

– Commit 6fef28c: Added chart grid to simulate backdrop and updated Vulcan model builder, editors, and simulate folder.

– Commit 23a7667: Added backdrop UX to Flow Network.

– Commit c6e0716: Made changes related to main navigation, snack bar, and flow nodes.

– Commit a7d25a4: Fixed a bug in number edit and introduced triple click to export model to JSON file.

– Commit efe260d: Fixed a renamed header.

– Commit ab5f256: Completed component rename.

– Commit ddf62f1: Made changes to pump and turbine editors.

– Commit 10c9fba: Made changes to gear and shaft editors, added presets, and improved the edit number widget.

– Commit c141e17: Fixed type assertions.

– Commit 0375e1b: Converted Vulcain template to the current version.

– Commit 4e9b2d9: Made renaming changes and added a gear component.

– Commit d0188c0: Changed turbine transmission handle position.

– Commit 3fb8c89: Renamed Machine to Machinery.

– Commit 2ab5c1d: Completed all branch editors and added solid editor.

– Commit 6b4377f: Fixed CI issues.

– Commit 9ead867: Fixed CI issues.

– Commit 1a20c22: Attempted to fix GitHub CI issues.

– Commit 40c5496: Attempted to fix CI failure on GitHub.

– Commit 5bd4fa4: Added gas node editors.

– Commit fcf0c7a: Cleaned up naming conventions.

– Commit 523f6e5: Fixed missing reference.

– Commit 828e1dd: Added new inlet and outlet nodes, removed uuid module, added new node outlet editor, improved component icons, and added duplicate model feature.

– Commit d781660: Added editors for various node types.

– Commit da3a10d: Moved flow nodes to their folder and added size to component type icon function.

– Commit d1540a0: Disabled machine port when solid is connected to branch and vice-versa. Added control parameter port to boundary nodes.

– Commit f061d93: Added component connection functionality.

– Commit c6c018b: Selecting and deleting edges functionality.

– Commit bc90965: Standardized component ports, improved component dragging, updated Redux state, introduced gas boundary component type, and updated component icons and colors.

– Commit 811069e: Added component editor drawer with delete component button.

– Commit 0f0698f: Persisted component selection.

– Commit 73caa02: Fixed flow bouncing component and added delete node action.

– Commit 7ca3c4f: Moved flow category styles into separate classes and added classes for node components and one branch component.

– Commit 3d8b7be: Added icons for components.

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