State of The Sim – Year 3 Month 3

I’m excited to share the following update on the state of Meco Rocket Simulator.
As always, I have remained firm in crafting a high-quality product. The side-effect is increased delivery time. That said, I am confident you will appreciate the result.
A major decision was made to migrate Meco from my custom game engine to Electron and Babylon.JS to ensure that development can be focused on the simulation kernel’s features rather than the game engine’s features.
As a result, I am pleased to note that the UI code is in a good position to be open-sourced for modification and add-on development by anyone that picks up React and TypeScript. Though this is a great first step, there’s still some work before it can be an easily moddable game.
Stay cryo-cool,


(Since 12th March 2023)
C++ Kernel
  • Integrated C++ simulation kernel to Electron
  • Made geometry solver for Thrust Chamber Assembly
  • Migrate UI to Electron to increase UI development productivity
  • Upgraded Flow Network visualization library (ReactFlow) to version 11
  • Ensured Babylon.JS feasibility for Meco’s 3D Rendering
  • Added MUI for UI Component Library
  • Model data persistence framework with Undo/Redo capability (Redux, Redux Persist)
  • App navigation Sidebar
  • Simulation Model Management UI (Save, Load, Rename)
  • Introduced Icons for Flow Network Components

To do

(Before V0.1 Early Access Launch – planned for April 30th to May 2023)
C++ Kernel
  • Load model from UI to the simulation kernel
  • Stream simulation data to UI
  • Engine model component add and link
  • Model component editor
  • Thrust Chamber Assembly solver
  • Valve timing


(To V0.2 Early Access Update planned for Jun to July 2023 or later)
  • 3D Volumetric MOC Nozzle Design
  • 3D Pump Preview
  • 3D Turbine Preview
  • 3D Printable Rewards for Backers
  • Engine Design Tutorials
  • Engine Design Missions
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